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Did you know that cats sleep at least two-thirds of their life away? Sixteen or more hours a day is spent with eyes closed, dreaming, snoozing, cat-napping and sometimes snoring. This amount of sleep is far more than any other mammal apart from the possum and maybe some bats.

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All cats are predators, and perhaps the enormous energy needed for this activity has contributed to the need to sleep and to regain energy. Also, cats do not have many natural predators in the wild, and do not need to be alert for as much of the time as many other animals. These and other aspects of cat-life have combined to develop over time, the ability to sleep away the hours and regenerate through sleep.


Amy Shojai on writes about cats sleeping:

‘Cat dreams are born during rapid sleep. Yes, cats DO dream, but we can only guess the subject matter. When those paws twitch or cat-calls spill from the sleeping kitty, perhaps he’s chasing dream mice!

The cat’s senses continue to record sounds and scents during up to 70 percent of sleep, so the kitty can awaken quickly at the squeak of a mouse or smell of a rat. Slower wakeup times are characterized by a predictable pattern of blinking, yawning and stretching. First the forelegs, then back, and finally rear legs each in turn are flexed. Most cats also groom themselves briefly upon first awakening.

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While humans may sleep in marathon eight-hour (or longer) sessions, cat sleep more commonly consists of short and long naps throughout the day. Habits vary between cats but very old and very young kittens sleep more than robust adults. Sleep time increases on cold, rainy or cloudy days.’

More on sleepy cats another day!

(text): ‘’Why Does Your Cat Sleep So Much’’ by Amy Shojai
(Images): Pinterest – ; and Pixabay image of two cats sleeping by Nasenfaktor



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