Curious White Cat Spooks Six Cautious Deer

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To the sound of a beautiful morning chorus of birds, six deer filed quietly down a hilly suburban street until… something behind a bush! What is it? It’s a white cat. The deer aren’t sure, neither is the cat – they eye each other off. It’s a great meeting of curious but cautious creatures. Neither deer nor cat is overly terrified but they are all nervous and all curious. The comments on this video draw a smile too. One viewer writes a possible dialogue:

I can just imagine all the deer clamoring in a way you would see in a Disney movie:

“Whats the hold up, Clover?”
“There is this creature- and its so short and fluffy!”
“Do you think it would hurt us?”
“I don’t know… let’s see…..It hasn’t chased us- its not blocking my way…”
“Ok…. Ok…-Oh its walking away now.”

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