Today’s Top 5 Catnap Pics

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That double snuggle in the image below makes it easy to catnap, but how did the other cats on this page manage to get their shuteye in these positions! Sleep and dream specialist Rubin Naiman PhD says, about cat’s sleeping:

Cats seem never to venture very far from sleep. Though they might be fully roused one moment, engaging in passionate play or serious stalking, cats seem able to slide effortlessly back into rest and sleep the next. Keeping sleep in close proximity to waking leaves cats so adept at napping that we’ve named a version of it after them.

Although we can only speculate about their subjective experience, cat behavior suggests they live with an unusual sense of continuity between waking and sleep. In contrast, most of us distance ourselves from sleep during our waking day. We relate to sleep the way we relate to our bed — we’re with it by night but keep it under cover by day. We’ve come to believe that civilized waking must be positioned far from the wilds of sleep. Consequently, millions of us think we’re just incapable of napping.

Perhaps more of us should try it!


Double Snuggle


Overdid It


Quick Shuteye Before I Finish That Climb


That Workout Was Just Too Much



Caught Napping


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