Tiny Ginger Tabby Kittens In Coats

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Two tiny ginger tabby kittens named George and Elton were found in a shed in mid-2014, neglected, malnourished and in great need of care. Thank goodness for the RSPCA!

They were remarkably recognisable as they were being nursed back to health, because of the cute little coats that they wear. They were so tiny that their coats were made from… wait for it…BABY SOCKS!

Here’s a pic of Elton and George in their sock coats

ginger tabby kittens


More pics of the two gorgeous kittens over the page…

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2 Comments to Tiny Ginger Tabby Kittens In Coats

  1. Melinda Sears

    Theses baby’s are simply darling <3 they must stay together <3 <3 love their named!!!!!:)

    • thekittycatclub

      They are gorgeous aren’t they… The shelter was looking for a home that would take both and am sure that would have happened with the wide exposure these two sweeties received.

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