The Snowshoe Cat – Friendly And Rare

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If you’re looking for an unusual and rare kind of kitty friend, you might consider the Snowshoe… And if you’re after a companionable, talkative kitty friend, the Snowshoe just could be who you’re looking for. If you’d also like someone to take swimming with you, your Snowshoe might fit the bill there too! An altogether wonderful package.

As Petfinder says:

”Anyone looking for an aloof, standoffish cat need not apply for Snowshoe ownership, fanciers claim that Snowshoes don’t realize that they’re cats; they consider themselves people. They love to touch and be touched. Very intelligent, they can be taught a number of tricks. Snowshoes are also known for their fascination with water and on occasion will climb into the tub for a swim, as long as it’s their idea. While not as loud or vocal as the Siamese, Snowshoes are never at a loss for words.”

snowshoe cat
Prizewinning kitty, Best of Breed, Seal Point-Bicolor (TICA)

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