The Playful, Fun-Loving Munchkin

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The Munchkin is that adorable kitty who reminds you of its dog-version, the Dachshund.

Yes, Munchies have short legs. Some of them have supershort legs and they’re┬átermed rug-huggers. Unlike the long low Dachshund however, Munchkins don’t usually have problems with their backs. Cats’ spines are a lot more flexible than canine spines, and Munchkins generally are able to carry the length without problems.

You might expect a short little kitty like the Munchkin, to be slower than your big strong breeds, but in fact the Munchkin is built to move very fast over the ground, and has really powrful lift-off. If you watched the ”wiggle” post, where Ohagi shows off her jumping prowess, you’d see that speed and jumping ability in progress.

Munchkins are great family cats too. They’re playful and very active, and they love a bit of fun and games. They also fit nicely into family life and are good around children

Watch the video for more info on this cute breed and for details on health issues and how to look after your Munchkin.


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