The Friendly Cat And The Cyclist

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This is the tale of an extraordinarily friendly cat who approached a cyclist and despite never having seen him before, promptly and happily climbed up on him.  When our cyclist stopped at the entrance to the tunnel, the cat came running out as if she were greeting a long lost friend. Perhaps this kitty knew it was a day of activity and lots of new people and was just getting in on the action – our cyclist was there to marshal a famous and traditional running race through two underground railway tunnels near Bath, UK.

friendly cat
Cat Meets Cyclist

A kitty came to greet a cyclist by climbing on his backpack. “When I stopped cycling this cat came out of the woods. I bent down to pet her then she crawled up my arm and sat on my backpack,” said via imgur.

“I was cycling out this weekend to help marshal the Two Tunnel running race here in Bath. I stopped at the entrance to the Combe Down Tunnel, a mile-long tunnel and saw a cat come running out of the woods. She came over for a some tummy rubs then climbed up my arm and settled down on my backpack,” he added via reddit.

The cyclist believes that the cat belongs to a family nearby. “There are lots of houses nearby and she’s well fed. I’m up at the tunnels a lot so I’ll keep an eye out anyway.”

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