Snow-loving Siberians… cats having snowfights?

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Who has one of these beautiful creatures? Love to hear from you, so write us a note in the comments if you like Siberians or live with a Siberian or two!

As you might guess by the name, Siberians originated in Russia but formal breeding programs didn’t begin until the 1980s. They’re made for the snowy cold and for tough conditions! Their topcoat is oily and plentiful; and the undercoat is so dense that winter winds and chill find it hard to penetrate.

Siberians and Snow

More About Siberians

Siberians are great for those allergic to cats… no cat is entirely hypo-allergenic, but many Siberians have a low count of the protein that causes reactions and when reactions are not too extreme, many have found they can at last have a cat in the house. These cats are muscular, athletic and excellent hunters, and renowned for their jumping ability! In fact they’ve been described as a perfect mix of a ballet dancer and a linebacker! But they’re also gentle and good-natured. They like children, get along with other pets and are generally a relaxed addition to a household. Siberians are companionable and sociable, and will often follow their owners around, enjoying their company. The International Cat Association describes them below:
Siberians use their incredible intelligence to solve all kinds of problems – like determining to how to open a door to be with the owners they adore, how to get to the cat food for an extra meal, or how to recover the favorite toy their owner thinks they have so cleverly hidden out of reach! They are powerful agile cats that can leap great distances and heights, sometimes appearing to fly through the air, but despite their size, they are adept at negotiating obstacles in their path without knocking them over. At the same time, they love to play and will entertain you with their clown-like antics. They adore their human families and their visitors-with children holding a warm spot in their hearts. They have a wonderful depth to their purr and talk to you with a chirping sound, particularly when they are coming to greet you when you have been out.
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2 Comments to Snow-loving Siberians… cats having snowfights?

  1. my husband gave me a Siberian for Christmas two years ago because I love kitty’s, but we have family and friends that are quite allergic to cats. While her name is Josie, I call her Kitty. She talks to me just like in your videos, she follows me around, she loves company and shows off for our friends, and she is beautiful and sweet. We have had only one friend have any allergic reaction to her. Our son in law will have asthma attacks from cats, but not from my sweet Kitty! I only wish we had snow for her to play in and could let her out of the house to roam a bit. But, we live out in Hill Country Texas with lots of wild animals around. She did escape once and came home 24 hours later quite nervous, yet physically unharmed. We were quite surprised she made it home – yet, tearfully happy! I love my kitty! Fortunately, there are many places to jump to and up to in our home.

    Thank you for posting about Siberians!

    • thekittycatclub

      Thank you for your lovely comment, it’s great to hear about your Josie-Kitty. I’m glad your kitty was not hurt when she went off on her trek! Siberians are beautiful cats, as you know, so we’ll be writing about them again.

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