Odin’s Icy Walk Through The Snow

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Odin is a mancat who likes the outdoors, so even in winter he has a regular icy walk with his human Layla Morgan Wilde. She writes a great blog about Odin and cat friends (see link on the next page) and we thought we’d look back at one of Layla’s winter blogs and check out Odin’s prowess in the snow.

On this particular icy walk, there’s plenty of snow (see the chilly pics below), and Odin and Layla go tramping up the long drive (even though it looks like a road, it’s not – it’s a private drive and Odin is safe on his own home ground). Go to the next page to see the video of these two brave souls on their walk…

icy walk
Odin’s wintery walk 2015

All images: CatWisdom 101

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