Marshmallow Keeps On Growing And Is Now 10 Weeks Old

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In the video on the next page, you’ll see that Marshmallow the Persian kitten, is growing mightily and showing how much she is advancing each week. From being a vulnerable kitten with low birthweight, she has grown into a young lady who is very playful and strong and ready to mix it with her mom, Mochi. Here’s what her humans say about her:

Persian (ELH) kitten Marshmallow continues to actively explore her surroundings and expand her limitations. Marshy has advanced from climbing short sisal posts to scaling her own full-length cat tree. She is still learning to distinguish what she can get away with when roughhousing with MaMa Mochi and what usually results in a swift can of ***-whooping.

Marshmallow appears to have inherited Jumbo’s vocal demeanor as she spiritedly greets us whenever she wakes from slumber. She also “barks” occasionally when she is excited, reminiscent of JP’s first encounter with Cooper. And when she’s in the mood for some TLC or interactive play, Marshy either hugs our legs or verbally lets us know.

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