Make Sure Your Indoor Cats Get Enough Exercise

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If you have an indoor cat (and if you live in a snowy climate your kitty is more likely to live an indoor life), then you’ll know all about the difficulties of keeping them exercised and fit – something which is very important for their health.

Even if our cats do spend time outdoors, we don’t usually walk our cats as we do the dog, nor train them to run and retrieve a ball for instance. Cat need exercise too, though. They are built for it!

Now – did you know you can train cats to do tricks? You probably didn’t imagine that some cats are doing serious agility training, many of them for competition! Yes, this is true. You can check out the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) website for videos.

There may be different opinions about whether it’s appropriate to teach agility skills to cats – but as we know, if a cat is not interested in something, he or she will simply not participate. These cats look lively and interested and as if they’re having fun.

Watch these videos of a great kid, Daniel King, working with and training his cats. See what you think.

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