Make A DIY Cat Tent – They Will Love It!

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This is such a fabulous idea from a Buzzfeed article, a cat tent, easy peasy to make from a TEE-SHIRT! Yes, an ordinary old tee that you don’t wear anymore. This is a tent that cats love – a little hideyhole for retreat when things get tough – or a fun playground. It’s so quick too – no sewing, just do a quick frame, stick, stretch and pin. Done! We’ll give you the basics. You’ll figure out the rest, and it only takes 10 minutes from start to finish.

cat tent
This is what it will look like!

All you need is:

– a couple of wire coat hangers
– something to cut the hangers with
– some cardboard
– packaging tape
– safety pins
– a medium size tee shirt

oops! …and a CAT!

We love it!
We love it!

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