Lucky Chuggers And His Broken Leg All Fixed

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Poor Chuggers – he went missing for a few days and returned home limping and walking in an odd way. This story is from Petplan and it’s really about the importance of micro-chipping your cat. Petplan vet Brian Faulkner tells the tale:

Chuggers had returned home late one evening after being missing for four days and was walking in a strange manner. I turned up to their home and advised them to bring him into the surgery the following morning for x-rays.

As I suspected, Chuggers had broken one of his legs and required surgery to correct his broken bone.

Despite his injury, Chuggers – who was recently used in a Petplan photo campaign – and his owners were incredibly lucky that he was able to make his way home.

Here’s lucky Chuggers with the vet… Just check out the next page for a shocking view of the x-ray showing the break.



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