Kitty Shaped Marshmallows For Your Hot Chocolate!

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Are you ready for a dose of kitty cuteness? It’s not soft and furry, but it is fluffy (when made well). It’s kitty shaped marshmallows and they come from Japan, manufactured by Japanese confectioner Yawahada. These lovely pink and white confections float up to the top of your hot drink and peer over the edge as you bring your cup to your lips. They look so sweetly at you with their kitty eyes, and swim with their kitty paws and twitch (we swear!) their kitty ears.

kitty shaped marshmallows

According to a page on the Yawahada site,¬†they do international orders, so if you have a cat-crazy friend with everything and can’t think of what to buy them… maybe kitty marshmallows are the thing. Check them out below. Over the page for more pics, information on ingredients, and what each box contains and how to order.


kitty shaped marshmallows


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