Kitties, Countertops And The Story Of A Hungry Cat Called Pebbles

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Cats, as we all know, love to climb up and down on different levels and a table or countertop is ideal! However, although opinions differ, not everyone agrees with kitty that this food prep area is the most appropriate place for him to be.

One of the funniest kitty cat stories related to cats jumping up on a table, involves my friend Jennie’s cat, Pebbles. Jenny had family over for Christmas dinner, and being an organised gal, she plated up and set out the appetiser course on the table in the dining room whilst everyone was in the living room settling in, saying hi and having a drink before their meal. It was a simple first course… very Australian, summery Christmas food – a light green salad with a small piece of smoked salmon on each plate, with a selection of dressings in the middle of the table and fresh crusty rolls.

Pebbles the cat got very busy however, while everyone was out of the room, and when they all came in ready to begin, Jennie and her guests discovered that someone (Pebbles!) had neatly removed each and every one of those eight small pieces of salmon and scoffed the lot! And clever Pebbles had done it without disturbing anything else on the table (and leaving his own Christmas dinner untouched in the kitchen!)

Apart from particular instances like this one, some cats feel that the countertops have been built there just for their convenience, and the video on the next page gives us some hints about how to discourage this…

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