26 Day Old Kittens Getting A Chance To Explore

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In this video (go to the next page to see it) DrNworb’s Kits Kats are having fun again… this time, the video shows us a flashback to 2014, when foster¬†cat Nornie’s kittens were tiny. From that litter,¬†Cupcake and Roodi were adopted into DrNworb’s household and all the others, including their mama Nornie, found forever homes, as we learn from the video description:

With our Roodi & Cupcake’s and their siblings Jimi, Mitch & Baxter’s 1st birthday fast approaching (June 10th) I thought it would be fun to upload this unreleased vlog I found (while looking for footage for Roodi & Cupcake’s birthday video) that features their whole family.

We fostered Nornie & her 5 adorable kittens in the summer of 2014 for VOKRA and ended up adopting Roodi & Cupcake. Jimi was adopted into a home with an older cat named Lucius, Baxter & Mitch were adopted together and Nornie went to a fabulous home too. All are doing great in their new homes, especially Nornie who has become a very happy, loving, playful and well adjusted house cat. You can support VOKRA and their wonderful work here! http://www.orphankittenrescue.com/

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