Kids And Kittens Are Mighty Cute!

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Hard to imagine anything cuter than a kitten, but maybe the combination of kids and kittens does it. Look at these pics and see what you think!

Introducing children to kittens for the first time takes some thought. More about that in another post, but a few things to think about beforehand are: establishing ground rules; teaching your children how to play properly with a new arrival; and importantly, finding a way to help children develop empathy. Seeing the world through a kitten’s eyes will often do more for the relationship between kitten and child than anything else.

kids and kittens
Nata And Mamasita


kids and kittens
Circus Kid With Her Kitten


kittens and kids
Kitten Kid
kittens and kids
Callie The Kitten
kids and kittens
Kittens And Angels






Image source: Flickr, Creative Commons

  • Nata and Mamasita –  Jenny Addison
  • Circus Child and Kitten – Thomas Hawk
  • Kitten Kid – Travis Nep Smith
  • Callie the Kitten – Mariposa Veterinary Wellness Center in Lenexa, KS
  • Kittens and Angels – Alexander Baranov


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