Cat Amuses Baby While Driving An iRobot Roomba

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Cats are cute; babies are cute. Combine them and you have ultra-cute! Here’s that wonderful cat in a shark suit we’ve seen before, driving his trusty iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner. His name is Max-Arthur and he’s 13 years old.

Old enough to know better you might say, but like lots of cool dudes when they reach their 5th and 6th decades, they’re going to have a little fun and they don’t care who shakes their heads at them when they start up their Harley-Davidsons or that new sports car!

Max-Arthur doesn’t mind dress-ups either, and his shark suit matches his young friend, who’s 4 months old and a little bemused by the antics of this cool old cat.

Cat in a shark suit drives an iRobot Roomba

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