Introducing Children To A New Kitten

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Everybody loves a kitten -they’re soft and cute and adorable and beautiful… and children of course, love them too. So if your children are young, or perhaps haven’t had a kitty before, it’s important to introduce themĀ to a new kitten in a way that sets the scene for their ongoing relationship and a growing awareness of responsibilities towards animals in general and the new kitten in particular.

Some kittens can be frightened by loud noises, sudden movements and too much petting. All things that can happen around children! So establishing some ground rules and teaching children how to play properly with the new arrival is important. Whiskas UK has pointed out a few thingsĀ that can help, and we’ve added a couple of suggestions:

Playing ”Kitten”
Especially for little children this is fun, and helps children see the world from a kitten’s perspective. They can get on the floor on hands and knees with their faces close to the floor, and pretend to be a kitty, playing, curling up into a ball and sleeping. Do some play activity around them so they see how things might look to their new friend, and especially how big things might seem to a tiny creature. Tiny tots will enjoy meowing like a kitten… have them meow as if they’re hungry, scared, happy or sleepy. You’ll be surprised (or maybe not!) at hw expressive they can be.


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