Hero Cat Saves Toddler From Attack Dog

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We all cringe when we see small and defenseless creatures attacked and hurt.

Unfortunately some dogs are fierce and occasional unprovoked attacks happen. In this case, a tiny boy was playing on his bike and spotted by a pretty mean dog, which headed straight for the boy and attacked him.

Enter our hero the cat… like a missile, this family cat ran straight at the dog, knocked it off balance and chased it around the nearby car into its own garden next door.

This is amazing – firstly because the cat’s response was so immediate and purposeful – and effective. And secondly, the dog was so savage and it was surprising to see it frightened off by our hero cat!

The little boy might have ended up with very serious injury instead of 8 or so stitches, so the story had a fortunate end, thanks to this family’s protective cat.

Source: YouTube


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