Do I Look Like A Grumpy Cat?

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Do you know someone who looks grumpy but really isn’t? That’s what Garfi is like, because he might look as if he’s annoyed at you, the world and the universe…. but he’s not. He’s a very sweet kitty cat and has a lovely nature. He lives in Turkey with his human friend Hulya Ozlok, is surrounded by a big family and has plenty of cat friends .

It’s a great lesson in not judging a book by its cover (although I have read so many books from the shelves of the local library that when I swing by to pick up yet another half dozen to read, I go through phases of choosing books by all sorts of means, just for fun… sometimes books with a great cover, sometimes titles that all start with the same letter in the alphabet, or maybe books that all have a woman’s name in the title… some are terrific, some are very very ordinary!!).

But you get the principle of the thing… Things aren’t always what they seem, and Garfi is just a big fluffy Persian with the Persian’s very sweet nature. He can’t help it if his eyebrows meet in the middle! Here he is:

Garfi – The ‘Never Grumpy’ Cat


grumpy cat
Garfi Enthroned


grumpy cat
Rainbow Garfi
grumpy cat
Garfi Goes To The Library



Source: Bored Panda, Garfi the Angry Cat


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