Frugal Toys For Cats And Grandkids

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It’s easy to go out and buy a whole bunch of cute and fascinating toys for your cats (grandparents will know this syndrome… the Cute Toys For Grandkids/Cats Sydnrome?). However (for grandchildren as well as cats) there are frugal ways to keep your kitty amused, entertained and having fun.

Do you have stuff in your house that can be re-purposed and made into frugal toys that don’t cost the earth? Almost every household does have things you can use in this way.

When you are looking around for things to use, please remember to make sure it’s safe… things your cat (or small child) can swallow, puncture and chew bits off, could possibly be dangerous, in various ways. That said, here is a selected list, from a great article in Pet Place:

  • Make A Ball. Roll paper up into a wadded up ball – this is a cheap and fun toy for cats – make the felt balls pictured below or you could just let them into your yarn basket (check out Maru the cat below, from I am Maru blog)! (for grandchildren, how about making Honey Peanut Butter Energy Protein Balls from Nutrition Expert with them?). Aluminum foil is heavier than paper; it can go faster and further than paper. An enhancement for this ball is to incorporate a piece of heavy string in the center, tape it all up and and hang it up – the back of a chair is a good option (small grandkids will love playing with these felt balls and so will your kitty). Next page for more ideas…
felt balls
Felt balls..get instructions from the link in the text.

Honey Peanut butter protein balls

Maru and yarn don't mix?
Maru and yarn don’t mix?














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