Elderly 19 year old cat heading for a cat shelter

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It’s a sad thing when a cat gets to be old, and their human gets to be old too and passes away. That’s what happened to Skeeter, who’s 19 years old and as of today, is residing in a cat shelter with her brother. Skeeter has beautiful emerald eyes and it seems she is a cream ”Somali” cat.

Skeeter an elderly cat
Skeeter the elderly cat

As gags1891 says on Reddit:

”…she had elderly owners and when the wife passed away, the husband was no longer able to care for Skeeter and her brother (not pictured). They are available for adoption at the shelter I volunteer at in Rhea County, TN. This shelter is approx 45 min. north of Chattanooga. I can also help with transport if necessary! Rhea County Animal Shelter 423- 775- 2029.”

Elderly cats with aging guardians

Reddit seems to have lots of people interested in helping out, and plenty of stories too about these sorts of situations with elderly cats. After lots of discussion on whether seniors are accurate about their cat’s age (!) Redditor Never-On-Reddit says it can go the other way! For instance:

”When I took in my grandmother’s elderly cats after she passed away last year, I called the vet for some info on their vaccinations, and when they had last had a senior exam. They told me that the cats were only 5/6 years old. I facepalmed pretty hard. I have their adoption records and photos of them from the 1990s(!!) and obviously I have my memories of seeing them every couple weeks for more than a decade and a half.

Now, I assume my grandma switched vets, and with her dementia couldn’t remember their age, but how the hell does a vet not realize that he’s looking at not one but two cats that are 18 years old, not 6. Seriously. (And why not call the other office for their records, it’s a small village, not many vets)”



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