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Who knew that a cat would choose a refrigerator as a favourite place? Kitty cats do like to get into strange corners and containers. They’ll disappear under a sofa or behind a cupboard; or hop into a washing machine or a filing tray on a desk. But a refigerator? That is so darned eccentric!

I guess in a warm climate, it’s a cool spot to escape the heat. And of course, there’s always a a bit of sustenance to keep you occupied and interested… you know, that little dish of leftover salmon, or the whipped cream for the fruit salad everyone’s having for dinner. After all, says the cat who loves the refrigerator, don’t I deserve dessert too?!

Anyway, here is Elliott in his favourite spot. And below Elliot, there is a tiny, very short video of one of our feline friends, Piggy, who loves to get on top of the refrigerator so she can walk down the side of it! Go figure!

Elliott The Cat In His Favourite Spot













Image -Instagram – @Hollaberri posted Elliott’s pic on Cats of Instagram
Video – TouTube – Paul Hickson’s channel, featuring Piggy


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