Cici The Tortoiseshell Cat Has Plenty To Say

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Here’s a wonderful brindle tortoiseshell cat named Cici for you to watch in the video on the next page. Cici is one of those cats that squeak – or maybe it’s a high pitched bark. Whatever the technical term it’s a fascinating addition to the conversation, and an amazing thing to watch.

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  1. Cici looks alot like my Tweaks who is the 3erd Tort to own me. A tort has owned me be it Hawaii or any where I have lived with out one.. We call her Tweaks because she was a feral cat who had little contact with humans be sides the kind lady who feeds our feral s in the ally way. She is very nervous and distrusting hence the name.. It took me almost a year to be able to touch her and I’m a cat person. Now she eats salmon and cream and is also spoiled by my neighbor Julie who had to crawl on her hands and knees for over 6 months to touch and get her trust.. She became sick a few weeks ago do to a abscess on her tail and thought I would loose the one thing in this world I love the most. It is drained now and she is her feisty self again guarding her turf and her dad from other cats or humans…. Keoni Wright

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