Chubbs, Blue Eyes, Blackie And Fighter Are Cute Kittens

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The four kittens, Chubbs, Blue Eyes, Blackie and Fighter just kind of accidentally got on film, as the camera guy says!

Day 6 of my 7 day film challenge where i make one film a day for a week. My original plans for an idea fell through and with just a short time before i had to work i decided to film these cute kittens! its not very often i have the opportunity to be around kittens at such a young age. It was so hard to pull focus with these guys running around everywhere and super hard to set up for any sort of shot. They just have way too much energy! But thats what i love, the innocence of kittens!

But hey! We don’t mind how it came about. We’re just lucky it did, because they are sooo-o-o-o beautiful. Watch the video on the next page to check out these cute kittens…

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