Cats, Black Cats And Superstition About Cats

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Last month on Friday the 13th, we got to thinking about that date… it’s a day which many believe is all about bad luck, and most of us believe is unfounded superstition and just not true. We know that plenty of good things happen on Friday 13th, and we know that other superstitions – about black cats, for instance, is just that – superstition, or unfounded belief.

Black cats are beautiful and loving but there have been a lot of stories associated with them and below, from the blog Fully Feline, are just a few notes on the history of superstition about cats in general, not only black ones:

  • [Close your eyes and skip to the next point if you like – this is gruesome! ] In the 15th century, Pope Innocent VIII condemned the entire feline species, stating that all cats were evil.  After this, thousands of cats were burned.  Because of the mass killing of cats, the rat population grew tremendously, causing the Black Death to take a larger toll on the human population.

  • During medieval times, many people thought black cats were witches in disguise.  Some believed that after seven years of service, a witch’s feline companion was rewarded by becoming a witch itself.  This was the beginning of the belief that a black cat crossing your path was bad luck, since it was thought to be an encounter with a witch.

black cats
DrL took this picture of Lilith, a black cat found as a kitten in a supermarket parking lot. The pic was uploaded to Wikipedia so we could all have the pleasure of meeting Lilith!


Next up is a super-cat named Napoleon, who predicted the weather with ridiculous accuracy!!

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