Cat Health Issues And Human Health Challenges Are Similar

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We always knew cats and humans were close and that cats could impact on human health.

Studies have shown in the past that the human brain and the moggy brain have surprising similarities, and there is one section of the cat brain and the human brain that’s practically identical – the part that controls emotion.

But it looks as if there are other similarities too, that we hadn’t guessed at. Recent  conclusions are that there are similarities we haven’t yet identified, related to cat health issues, and that these could have a long-ranging implications for human health.

Thula is the therapy cat for autistic girl, Iris Grace
Thula is the therapy cat for autistic girl, Iris Grace

Because of this, some scientists want to spend a lot more time investigating the similarities because ” …their DNA may have crucial information about how we contract obesity, diabetes, asthma, urinary tract infections and cancers.”

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