Cat-centric Reviews On Two Pleasant Cat-centric Outings

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Found on, a great blog about living in the mid-Atlantic area, a couple of cat-centric reports on cat-centric outings – first up is a review on the Stray Cat Cafe in Arlington, Virginia. So if you live anywhere nearby, or you’re just passing, it sounds like a great cat-centred place to visit. From Andrea’s blog:

The Stray Cat Cafe in Arlington, Virginia, features cat-themed art and an extensive menu of items with names like Finicky Feline Dip, Nachos Gatos, and the Kit Kat Club. Coffee drinks include the Mocha Mania, made from “Seattle’s Best coffee blended with Breyer’s coffee ice cream, caramel and milk, topped with whipped cream.” Mmmm!

The shop is decorated with an assortment of cute cat pictures, posters, and knick-knacks. Merlin’s roasts it own coffees, and each variety carries the name of a feline member of the family. There’s even a poster showing adoptable cats in the area. That’s because the shop owners support the Appalachian Cat Rescue. Merlin’s Coffee gives you a great excuse to stop by the mall when you’re traveling on US 15 in Pennsylvania!

Stray Cat Cafe website

Oh – and Andrea has also seen the Acro-cats show when it came by, at the Port Tobacco Players Theatre in La Plata, Md. …remember we posted about these cute kitties and their human trainer Samantha a little while ago? Check over the page for a couple of Andrea’s pics of the event…

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