Cat’s Leap Causes A Butterfly Flutter

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One of Huffington Post UK’s pictures of the day in August 2013, this image of an 8 year old cat called Misha, leaping into the sunshine as he tried to catch a butterfly, was described  as follows:

This cat exhibited all its hunting instincts as it strained every sinew in a bid to catch a brightly coloured butterfly. The blue British Shorthair leapt into the air as she tried to catch the tortoiseshell butterfly fluttering in her owner’s back garden. Photographer Kemal Selimovic, 47, grabbed his camera to capture the beautiful shots of his pet cat Misha in action one sunny afternoon. The warehouse worker watched in delight as his plucky eight-year-old puss jumped about 8 inches off the ground in pursuit of the insect. Kemal added: “She didn’t catch the butterfly so she settled down for a rest looking out for another bit of fun.”

Butterfly Escape

butterfly   Image & text source: Huffington Post UK


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