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News just in from Manchester, UK, is that missing cat Jasmine, who followed her two favourite humans in the world to school, has now been found. Max and Jessica Wilson 6 years and 4 years were distraught, as their two cats are an integral part of their lives and sleep with them every night – Jasmine sleeps in Max’s bed and Hamish sleeps with Jessica. The Manchester Evening News quoted Max and Jessica’s mum Victoria:

”They are so upset – Jasmine sleeps every night with Max while Hamish sleeps with Jessica. Last night they were all in my bed and it was a very restless night because everyone is so worried.” Hamish and Jasmine are also the best of friends, and tick along well with the family dog Skye, a one-year-old golden labrador.

Below is a picture of Max and Jessica holding up their ”lost” notice. This was published by the Manchester Evening News and the story resulted in Jasmine being spotted and returned, after a nearby resident saw the news being passed around on Facebook.

On the next page are photos of Jasmine, Max and Jessica and more of the story…

Max and Jessica were distraught

jasmine - lost notice

Everyone was desperate to find beautiful Jasmine

jasmine - portrait

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