Birthday cats… which party is the most fun?

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This black and white kitty with a birthday cake looks very pleased with himself. Hope he’s still happy when that candle is lit! I’m sure he’ll have help blowing it out and I think there’ll also be lots of help eating it. Too much cake there for a two year old don’t you think?

happy birthday
Birthday cat













Japanese birthday party

Some kitty cats get to enjoy a birthday party! Or at least a cake. And some lucky kitties get to have a party on their guardian’s birthday! So when Japanese grandmother Misao celebrated her 87th birthday, of course her cat was there too – Misao found the cat abandoned in a shed on her land and the pair have barely been apart since. Japanese photographer Miyoko Ihara began recording the close relationship between her grandmother and her odd-eyed white cat several years ago.

birthday cat
Misao celebrating her 87th birthday with her cat










Partyy preparations – will there be any sprinkles left?

This kitty cat is getting into the birthday fun early. Well – preparations can be just as much fun as the actual event! Just make sure there’s enough left for the party little kitty cat! Remember fairy bread? Lovely triangle of soft white bread with sprinkles spread over it and sticking in place on the butter? Yes, I think that’s what’s happening here; and our kitty cat is trying his hardest to contribute.

birthday preparations
Don’t eat all the sprinkles!














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Photographer (of Japanese grandmother image): Miyoko Ihara 


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