A Beautiful Abyssinian Mama Cat Bonds With Her Babes

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Scroll down to see this gorgeous family in the video and enjoy their very attractive Abyssinian looks…

Our beautiful Abyssinian mama cat’s coat is short and glossy, and the most yummy caramel colour.

Her babies are all very similar in colour, with the classic darker area over the ridge of the spine and the typical tabby ‘M’ shape on the forehead… babes typically a little darker than adults, lightening a little as they grow.

These are a more usual colour – called ”ruddy” but they can come in a much lighter fawn colour, a silver and also a blue variant, this last after outcrossing with Burmese. Did you know that Abyssinian coats have a ”ticked” or ”agouti” effect which is a genetic variant of the tabby?

Anyway, here they are!

Beautiful Abyssinian mama cat and kittens

(YouTube link)


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