Astrology For Cats – The Curious, Intelligent, Gemini Cat

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Well why not… whether you think astrology is just a fun game, or a serious way to work out temperaments and character, why wouldn’t your cat fit into some of these categories too? So as it’s June, let’s look at cats born in this frisky month, the playful, inquisitive Gemini cat, with the double nature of Gemini the twins! This is another fun report from that lively blog Cat Wisdom 101.

As catblogmeister Layla Morgan Wilde writes:

Gemini cats are born between May 21 and June 21. Many of the kittens born during busy kitten season are Geminis. Their element is air and their symbol is the twins.This astrological sign is ruled by Mercury the planet of communication and Gemini cats love to communicate in every way from a musical range of vocal sounds to nuanced physical body language. Their expressive tails, ears and whiskers do non-stop talking! While the characteristics of Gemini cats are general, recognizing the traits are useful in decoding potential behavioral issues.
Cat Wisdom 101

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