Are your cats aging? These tips will help.

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We don’t like to see our pets aging… they get there so many years before us! So we see quite a few cycles and go through several grieving processes as we outlive our feline friends. Pets for Life says:

”You may not even realise it but your cat has gracefully slid from middle age into old age. It’s slowed down, may be thinner and its spine and shoulders more prominent as it loses the insulating layer of fat on its body. It may be less mobile and unsteady because of muscle weakness and aches and pains. A little more grey hair may appear around the muzzle and its coat. These are signs that your old cat is now a vintage and should be treated with the respect during its advanced years.”

If we haven’t yet accompanied a cat into its old age, we might wonder what to expect. Not to worry, on the next page is an outline of what happens as your cat ages.

An old cat…

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