A Cat In A Cradle Led To Cat’s Cradle…

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There’s a children’s game you might know and might be very good at, if you have nimble fingers… it’s called cat’s cradle and is a game played with string.

The game originates in Europe from a time when people thought a cat made a newly married couple more fertile.  After the wedding, a cat in a cradle would be taken to the couple’s home and rocked from side to side to ensure the couple had a new babe as soon as could be managed.

In this game that echoes the ‘cat in a cradle’ tradition, string is looped and lifted over the fingers to form a hammock-like cradle – a cat’s cradle – and that’s the game, a skillful and often very fast and sure maneuvering with string.

Lots of different formations have been created with string, but here are two brilliant videos of young people showing how to get into the game of cat’s cradle with two people.

Check it out – it’s fun!

Cat’s Cradle With Four Hands – Video 1

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