13 Things That Show You’re Best Friends With Your Cat

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There are plenty of signs that tell you whether you and your cat are best friends, and Buzzfeed has given us a whole bunch of them in one of their marvellous checklists. Here are 13 of them. I’m sure you know them all, so – reading through the list of things that show you’re best friends with your cat, will be a pleasure for you, and will probably provide you with a giggle or two as well. The pictures on the following pages will be icing on the cake – BUT the cute video at the end is the cherry on top.

See what you think, starting with this pic below and the ones on the next pages…

1. You and your cat are inseparable and go everywhere together.

26 Things (curated) You Know If You're Best Friends With Your Cat1

Image credit: Instagram kittydontcare

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