11 Ways To Convince You That (Some) Cats Like Snow

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These brilliant pictures of cats in snow are from Buzzfeed community (link below). So – we know cats dislike water right? Then what are they doing, looking so happy to be in what we KNOW is frozen water!!

Ah well, I guess it’s all different when water turns into snow or ice. There’s no doubt that this kitty is enjoying its time in the white stuff. We’re starting to get the idea that some CATS LIKE SNOW!

cats in snow
Let’s play (snow)ball


Some Cats Like Snow

We do know that lots of cat breeds originated in snowy and cold regions, and they adapted to the climate. Their coats actually layer up as it gets colder. The dense undercoat grows thicker in winter, and the ruff around the neck in some breeds, especially the Norwegian Forest Cat, gets as large and thick and woolly as the scarf your grandmother knits you. Naturally if you had a an overcoat and sweaters as warm as that, and you had to wear them day and night, you’d want to get outside sometimes, and enjoy keeping the weather out. Here are some pics to tell us more of the story of how cats enjoy the snow.


cats like snow
I’m On A Mission…


Hmmm, Nothing Much Happening Out There


My Nose Is Pink?


White On White


Just Needed A Bit Of A Cooldown…


They Cleared The Road For Us!


She Said She’d Only Be 10 Minutes!


Yeah, I Like It Up Here.


Snowball Fight? Lay Off!










Buzzfeed Community: Cats In Snow


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